Mercury amalgams vs Human body – Clash of The Titans

Dr. Graeme Munro-Hall and Dr. Lilian Munro-Hall explain the complexity of this issue, in a simple and clear way to understand, in their book “Toxic Dentistry Exposed” – the link between dentistry and chronic disease.

The book is about all the toxic elements that are still being used in dentistry, the effect they have in our health and how to amend and recover from the possible damages caused by irresponsible practice. They show not only the theory behind it but also the real cases of several of their patients that suffered the consequences of mercury amalgams, root canals etc… If you are interested in your mouth health, this is definitely a book to read.

The factors involved in the effects of toxins (mercury amalgams, alcohol, cigarettes, certain foods etc…) in the human body depend on the following;

  1. The number and type of toxins the individual is exposed to
  2. The length of time of exposure to that toxin
  3. The genetic predisposition
  4. The nutritional status of the individual

Therefore, the less mercury amalgams we have, the better. The lesser the time they have been in our mouth, the better. The better we are genetically equipped to detoxify the mercury, the better. The healthier our diet and lifestyle are, the better (1).

The same principle applies to cigarettes, alcohol, bad eating habits and other toxic exposures. For example; smoking a cigarette won’t kill us but if we smoke a pack a day for 30-40 years like many smokers do, chances are we will either get lung cancer or heart disease. There are some people that smoke all their lives and don’t get a mayor chronic disease. Let’s not fool ourselves, these are the ones who genetically are wonderfully well equipped to get rid of the harmful effects of cigarettes, but they are a selected few. The same goes with bad eating habits; eating a burger with fries and soda won’t send us to the grave, but if we eat animal foods every day, breakfast, lunch and dinner for 30-40 years, chances are we will develop heart disease, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, kidney problems, certain cancers etc… And yes, there are also people who eat dreadfully all their lives and do not develop any of the above mentioned chronic diseases, but yet again, those are the privileged ones to have a genetic make up which is really efficient at getting rid of the toxins bad eating habits exposed us to. However, it’s up to us to play Russian roulette.

The International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT) website, on their fact sheet section about side effects of mercury fillings, also explains in more detail all the factors that intervene in mercury toxicity (2).

Tobacco and alcohol for example are substances for which there is ample information and generally believed that are harmful to health. This is now also supported by the health authorities around the world. However, remember that not long ago both cigarettes and alcohol were still considered good for health “in moderation”, and this was supported by the health authorities. Food is still somehow confusing for the general population, as the messages from the food industry, health authorities and health professionals can be contradictory. This occurs mainly due to the industry’s financial interests, as it happened once with the tobacco industry. However, thankfully international bodies like The World Health Organisation (WHO) have started to recognised, after the numerous supporting evidence from non bias scientific studies, the dangers of eating animal products like processed meat or red meat, listing them as carcinogens. Hopefully sooner rather than later, other harmful foods that are still considered healthy by the general population, due to the strong marketing campaigns of the food industry and the support of governments and some health authorities, will also be recognised and listed as harmful for health.

But mercury amalgams? This is an odd one. There is very little info available and knowledge among the general population on this subject. So, how did I come to believe so strongly about the dangers of mercury amalgams and decide that I had to do something about it straight away? Met the person who help me acquiring awareness of this; Dr. Joachim Mutter, next… 


1-”Toxic Dentistry Exposed” – Dr. Graeme Munro-Hall BDS FIAOMT, Dr Liliam Munro-Hall BDS. The link between dentistry and chronic disease. First published by the authors themselves in 2009.

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