Mercury Amalgams Removal & Eat Green – Dr. Joachim Mutter

While searching information on mercury amalgams, I came across a scientific review by Dr. Joachim Mutter (10). On this review, he debunks the opinion of the scientific committee of the European commission on the safety of mercury amalgams for human beings, by exposing the flaws of their sources and including lots of scientific data to support his claims.

Dr. Joachim Mutter is an environmental medicine physician expert in mercury and heavy metals. He suffered from amalgam mercury toxicity at young age and was about to die when all his amalgams were removed in 1985 without any safety precautions. Right after the removal, he immediately started to have abdominal cramps, bloody diarrhoea, numbness of the feet and lost 30kilos of body weight. The nightmare lasted for 3 years, with numerous treatments from several specialist that did nothing to improve his condition. Eventually and only when he adopted a predominantly raw vegan diet, he started to feel better and healing. He’s authored several books, scientific publications, and runs a detox clinic of Integrative Medicine in Konstanze (Germany) (2). His latest book, “Eat Green”(3), also available in English to download on e-book, shows what is the best way to detoxify our bodies through diet and how to keep healthy and thrive throughout our lives.

I wrote an email to him explaining my case and asking him for advice on whether I should leave the amalgams as they were, due to the dangers of the removal procedure, or should I remove them. To my surprise, the next day Dr. Mutter replied saying, and I quote; “amalgam is always toxic and must be safely removed.Jaw and teeth should be metal free”. An email interchange followed and I received lots of invaluable information (articles, research studies, conference videos etc… see attachments). I learnt about Dr. Munro-Hall’s work (previously mentioned in another post) and also about the biggest expert of mercury in the World, the american Chemist and Biochemist Dr. Boyd Haley.

I checked The International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT) website to learn about the safety method of amalgam removal technic (SMART) (3), and to find  accredited dentists on this procedure in the UK and Spain (4). I made contact with a few clinics to find out about their procedures and went for a couple of consultations. One of them measured the mercury vapour release from my amalgams and came up with the figure of 80ppm. According to the UK health and safety laws, a concentration of mercury vapour in the air of 20ppm in the workplace is enough to evacuate the place.

Mercury vapour measurment result.pdf

The dentist concluded and I quote; “you are a walking mercury bomb”. Next, I’m in the process of removing all my amalgams and root canal teeth. To be continued…


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Joachim Mutter – amalgam studies
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