How interesting would be to discover that the same foods that are good for our health are also good for our planet? Welcome to Your Bio Nutrition!

Well, if you are here, chances are that you are interested in health, environment or possibly both. I will do my best to present to you the most accurate scientific information available in the field of nutrition in a easy and simple way. The compilation of the facts featured on this blog have been gathered from two main sources:

  1. The best available balance of evidence found in the nutritional scientific literature, retrieved and analysed by experts in clinical nutrition and research fields.
  2. Scientific studies conducted by medical and biochemical researchers, who have dedicated their professional live to the investigation of foods and their effects on human health.

The knowledge you are about to acquire will clarify the confusing messages about foods, debunk nutritional myths and empower you with the necessary solid foundations to obtain freedom of food choices. Only then you can take action and select the best foods for you, your family and the environment, with the confidence that you will get all the necessary nutrients, in order to be healthy and thrive.

It is also vital to raise awareness of the environmental impact that our way of eating is having on our planet, and to learn how with simple food choices we can make a big difference.

I am inmerse in the journey myself and I’m enjoying it thoroughly. Now I eat a more varied diet with many different flavours. I can eat as much as I want without the slightest concern about my weight. My digestions are better, my skin has generally improved a lot and my psoriasis is almost cleared. I feel lighter and have more energy, I can run faster, longer and my recovery times are shorter. I hope this pages provide you with the tools that will help you achieve optimum health, if you were to begin your own journey.

I dare you; nothing tastes as good as how a Whole Foods Plant Based Diet will make you feel.

Note: this site does not intend to replace any medical advice.

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